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Brenda Conville

Harvest, AL

I saw great physical results while working out with Joe. But the greatest benefit was his positive attitude, sense of humor and ability to motivate us without our realizing it! He's a great trainer!

kim 'zoot' holmes

Huntsville, AL

There isn't enough room here for my testimonial, but please read my testimonial here.

shelly higgins

Madison, AL

Joe Martin has been a life saver. He provided not only invaluable physical rehab for my shoulder injury but also assisted with innovative and effective strength training over the past 12 months. His boot camps are great fun too. He is undeniably motivational and I would highly recommend Joe as a trainer, coach, and fitness instructor.

Retha Tallent

huntsville, AL

Joe is caring and committed to meeting the needs of each of his clients. His methods are creative and challenging regardless of the individual's level of fitness.

Karen hayne

huntsville, AL

I have been a client now of Joe's off and on for a year and a half and I am about to sign up for a full year of camps. If that doesn't speak volumes I am not sure what does. Joe's class provides you with a variety of workouts each week so that you never get bored! Joe is there for you not only during your 1 hour a day of class but around the clock. He has never been too busy to answer questions about what I can do to improve my nutrition, adding in a little additional exercise or anything else I should be doing to see the results I want to get. Now if I could only follow them better :) He does his part to make me healthier and to motivate me to do that!

alicia casteel

Joe simply ROCKS! He is an amazing trainer and has extensive knowledge on fitness and nutrition. He is an awesome instructor who cares about each of his clients. I highly recommend his classes to anyone willing to put forth the effort into helping themselves physically. I wish him much success!

Stacey Stone

huntsville, AL

I've suffered for years with sever depression/anxiety and chronic insomnia. In less than four weeks boot camp did more for these problems than years of medication and therapy. It was such an improvement that I signed up for another boot camp five days a week after only a couple of weeks in! I feel better physically and mentally than I have in my entire life. I can tell a huge difference in my goals: being able to run agility courses with my dogs and keeping up with my 1 1/2 year old toddler. This is probably the best money I've ever spent on myself. Kudos to Joe for making a former couch potato believe exercise is fun!

karen cole

huntsville, AL

Joe is both professional and personable. He works hard to help meet your goals in the fitness arena. He provides more than just a great workout in his camps. He offers cooking tips, lifestyle changes, and daily motivation. He is like no other trainer in the community. He is completely devoted. What sets Joe above everyone else that I have trained with is his desire to give back to those in the community. I have teamed with Joe on a couple of big charity events and he puts just as much energy, time, and money into the community as he does his fitness progrsm.

We provide safe, fun, and effective workouts to help women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to look better, feel better, and have more energy than they have had in years.


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