ST. CLOUD, FLORIDA are you ready to discover THE WORKOUT?

The Original 45 minute full body workout that helps you achieve REAL RESULTS in the LEAST amount of time.

We are bringing 20+ years worth of workouts and results right here to Central Florida. Because we are NEW to your neighborhood, we want to invite you to come meet us!!

The Workout - Transformation Hub is the ONLY Gym in this area that focuses on YOUR Transformation

Let's Talk About The Basics

The Workout - Transformation Hub

1429 Hamlin Ave # 10, St Cloud, FL 34771

As far as schedule:

9am Monday thru Friday

5:30 pm Monday thru Friday

6:30pm Monday thru Friday

9:30am Saturday mornings

As far as rate, everyone asks,
but the 1st question should be about your goals and whether or not you think we can help you reach it.if you want to be a world champion swimmer, as great as our program is, we don't have a pool.

The 1st workout is Free, after that it depends. I know it's not a popular answer but Coaching is not like buying tires...we need to meet you just as much as you need to meet us.


The Workout - Transformation Hub is also the ONLY Gym in this area that offers Individualized and Customized Nutrition Coaching

Our Individualized and Customized Nutrition Coaching program includes:

1. Nutrition Plan (specific to your body and lifestyle) and Initial Assessment

2. Unlimited Text and Email daily (please allow time for response) + Weekly phone consultations if needed (for evaluation, program changes, and questions you may have)

3. Supplement schedule (customized for you)

4. Workout plan to follow at your gym or home

5. Customized cardio schedule if needed

6. Vacation or Social strategy planning (if needed)

The Workout - Transformation Hub is also the ONLY Gym in this area that offers FITRANX


FitRanX is a standardized level training system used for gauging your fitness level. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your coach thinks you have improved. This system is based on REAL exercise science and took 6 years to develop and perfect.

FitRanX is NOT about competing with anyone else…it’s all about being better than you were yesterday. We prove this to you by progressing you through our Level system.

In order for you to progress from one level to the next, you participate in a Testing Day. Each Level Test includes specific strength movements that covers the 5 basic movement patterns you use in everyday life.

There is also a conditioning portion for each level’s advancement that covers explosive movements, loaded carries, and kettlebell techniques that is guaranteed to get you moving better and feeling better.

As you pass through the FitRanX system, you get recognized for your hard work by earning different color Dog Tags for each rank you achieve. Plus you get recognized in front of your peers with our Wall of Fame and receive a Certificate of Achievement for each Level Test passed.

Earn different color Dog Tags

Get on the Wall of Fame

Receive your Certificate of Achievement

FitRanX keeps you motivated by giving you clear and specific goals to strive for while ensuring that you are achieving balanced, full-body fitness.

We focus on your physical progress and how your body feels and moves, not the DREADED scale!

As You Can See THE WORKOUT - Transformation Hub is One of Kind.

And Wait There is More...but you have to experience The Workout to know The Workout

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